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If you're searching for a vibrator that puts an end to your search for good, you may want to feast your eyes on the Revel Pixie. It's name belies the fact that it's certainly no little pixie in the bedroom. In fact, with 5.2 inch (13.2 cm) of insertable length, it's more monstrous than meek - in the best way possible. The gently rounded head is designed to provide gentle stretch as you ease it inside. Between that and the feel of the extra-supple silicone, you won't be able to resist how good it feels - especially when you click it on and feel those good, good vibrations. 

Never let it be said that a pixie can't be downright fierce. You can bet this vibe will more than have its way with you once you get started. It's slightly bulbous at the tip for that exquisite stretch that's sure to leave you writhing in utter pleasure - but keep going so you can take every inch inside as it vibrates and shakes you to your core.

Revel - Pixie - Pink

SKU: NSN-0675-24
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Manufacturer: nsnovelties
    Color: Pink
    Features: Vibrates

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