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Start your BDSM adventure with the Nocturnal Collection Hog Tie, a masterpiece of design for those who revel in the art of restraint play. This exquisite set is a testament to the perfect balance between robust control and luxurious comfort. Featuring four fully adjustable cuffs, each with a secure buckle closure, it's designed to accommodate various sizes while ensuring a sturdy hold and ease of use.

The heart of this collection lies in its sturdy hog tie connector, a central piece that brings together the individual elements into a cohesive and thrilling experience. Crafted for both strength and flexibility, it allows for a variety of positions and levels of restraint, catering to a wide range of preferences and desires. The universal clasps and D-ring, featuring a swivel design, enhance the overall dexterity, allowing for seamless movement and adjustment.

Durability is a key aspect of the Nocturnal Collection Hog Tie, evident in its double-stitched design. This not only adds to the longevity of the product but also enhances its aesthetic appeal. The functional design is matched with a textured finish, providing both a visually appealing and tactile experience, heightening the sensory play that is central to such adventures.

Versatility is another hallmark of this collection. The hog tie can be disassembled completely, allowing the cuffs to be used individually as wrist or ankle restraints. This multifunctional aspect makes it a valuable addition to any collection, suitable for both beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. Whether used as a cohesive unit or as separate components, the Nocturnal Collection Hog Tie promises an experience that is the perfect blend of form, function, and fantasy.

4 fully adjustable cuffs with secure buckle closure
Sturdy hog tie connector
Universal clasps and D-ring with swivel design for full dexterity
Sturdy, double stitched design
Functional, durable and textured
Disassembles completely and may be used as individual wrist and ankle cuffs

Maximum circumference each wrist cuff: 9.5 inch (24.25 cm)
Maximum circumference each ankle cuff: 11.5 inch (29.25 cm)

Nocturnal Collection Hog Tie - Black

SKU: SE2678253
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Manufacturer: CalExotics
    Color: Black
    Dimensions: Diameter: 3.66 inch

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