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Introducing the Nocturnal Collection Eye Mask, meticulously designed for those who crave a complete sensory blackout experience. This stretch-to-fit eye mask is crafted to conform seamlessly to your face, providing optimal comfort and darkness. Its sturdy, double-stitched design speaks of quality and durability, ensuring it remains a trusted companion for your restful nights or intimate moments.

The eye mask's functional, durable, and textured construction makes it a versatile tool for enhancing your sensory experiences. With its sophisticated design and exceptional functionality, the Nocturnal Collection Eye Mask is ideal for those eager to fully immerse themselves in their private moment of total darkness.

Stretch-to-fit eye mask
Designed for inch Total Blackout inch
Sturdy, double stitched design
Functional, durable and textured

Nocturnal Collection Eye Mask - Black

SKU: SE2678003
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Manufacturer: CalExotics
    Color: Black

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