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Explore the dynamic world of restraint play with the Nocturnal Collection Bed Restraints, a set designed for the adventurous spirit. This collection isn't just an accessory for intimate moments; it represents a doorway to a new realm of experiences. Meticulously crafted with a focus on detail and functionality, it's a perfect blend of sensuality, comfort, and excitement.

At the heart of this set are the four fully adjustable cuffs, each featuring a secure and reliable buckle closure. These cuffs are tailored to accommodate a broad spectrum of sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit for various users. The thoughtful design extends to their durability, with each cuff boasting a double stitched, textured finish. This not only enhances their longevity but also adds a tactile dimension to your play.

Accompanying the cuffs are four sturdy, adjustable tethers. These have been designed to fit most mattresses, adding versatility to your restraint scenarios. The set includes a 63 inch/160 cm connector, expanding the potential arrangements and allowing for creativity in your setups.

What sets the Nocturnal Collection Bed Restraints apart is its multifunctionality. The entire set can be disassembled, transforming the components into individual wrist and ankle cuffs. This feature offers flexibility, making the set ideal for everything from straightforward restraint play to more complex scenes. It's not just a collection of restraints; it's a versatile toolkit for those looking to delve deeper into the world of adventurous intimacy.

4 fully adjustable cuffs with secure buckle closure
4 sturdy, adjustable tethers to fit most mattresses
63/160 cm connector
Universal clasps and D-ring with swivel design for full dexterity
Sturdy, double stitched design
Functional, durable and textured
Disassembles completely and may be used as individual wrist and ankle cuffs

Maximum circumference each wrist cuff: 9.5 inch (24.25 cm)
Maximum circumference each ankle cuff: 11.5 inch (29.25 cm)
Each tether: 63 inch (160 cm)

Nocturnal Collection Bed Restraints - Black

SKU: SE2678303
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Manufacturer: CalExotics
    Color: Black
    Dimensions: Length: 63 inch
    Diameter: 3.66 inch

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