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Meet NOAH A stylish, beautiful, and powerful app-controlled anal toy that takes your backend play to new heights. NOAH creatively incorporates a distinctive swirled shaft and an exceptional asymmetric form, with a tapered tip that goes in easily, rocking your rear just right as it twirls and vibrates to massage your super-sensitive nerves. 

Buckle up and get ready for some delicious booty pleasure! Equipped with two powerful, separately controlled motors, NOAH comes prearranged with 7 distinct rotating modes that move in a circular motion tirelessly for all-around arousal, as well as 7 modes of steady, pulsating, and rhythmic vibration. Cycle through the settings with buttons on the device or use the app for hands-free or partner play and enjoy the filling frenzy!

Enter the future of anal play with this app-controlled butt plug. Download the app to create endless personalized vibrations, invite your partner to control your toy, immerse yourself in the world of rhythmic pleasure by syncing with your favorite music, and enjoy even more dynamic functions. Whether youre a beginner or an experienced player, NOAH is here to make your anal play unforgettable.

7 rotating and vibrating modes
App controlled
Unique swirled shaft
Velvet-smooth silicone
Asymmetrical shaft
USB rechargeable (cable included)
Storage bag
Long distance control
Pressure sensing
Sync to music
360 degree circular motion
Versatile use: suitable for all genders
Tapered tip for easy insertion

4.93 inch x 1.91 inch (12.53 cm x 4.85 cm)

Noah - App Controlled Rotating Butt Plug - Blue

SKU: H-AP-39-945BLU
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