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This Lord Kraken tentacle has shrunk down to travel with you wherever you go! Let your freak flag fly with these Creature Cocks keychains! Show off that you're into fantasy roleplay, mythical sex, or hot horror monsters! Place them with your keys, attach them to your phone case, clip them onto a bag or purse, or hang them from your rearview mirror to add a little flair and kinky fun! All the little dongs are made out of premium, phthalate-free, body-safe silicone and the metal is nickel-free for sensitive skin. Not meant for internal use. Novelty item only. 

Big monsters have always enticed you, and as you venture out into the ocean on your ship, you feel your heart quicken with excitement, fear, and desire. After years of studying the lore and mysteries of the deep, you've set your sights on the Kraken itself! With a mixture of science and magic, you've done everything you can to summon it. As the waves begin to crash against the hull of your ship, you feel the rock back and forth as your whole world tilts. A rough day at sea, nothing more. But then something changes the sky itself darkens and you hear a crack of thunder moments before the flash of lightning nearly blinds you! As you open your eyes you see it; the Kraken's long, giant tentacles grab the boat and the rocking suddenly stops! You stand still, bracing yourself, stunned. It's silent. As you carefully walk towards the edge of the ship and peer over you nearly fall off the boat when a loud, deafening roar erupts from a beast beneath the waves! As you whip around, the water has started to spray and everything is wet. Then you see it; the kraken, personified in a human-like form, just for a moment. It holds effortlessly still as you barely gain your sea legs again. Eyes as deep as the darkest part of the ocean. Skin, perpetually wet and glistening. And arms at a glance it seems they have them, and after a second they show up as tentacles. You blink again and it's gone! But before you can think to scream, your entire body is grabbed by a giant tentacle, wrapped around your waist! Another one slips between your thighs, parting them, and the third pushes into your mouth. As you are dragged into the sea, you only feel the rich mixture of fear and pleasure as you feel every tentacle pressing into your most intimate of holes.

Mini fantasy dong
Fun and cute
Flag your fetish
Nickel free material
Premium silicone
Phthalate free
For novelty use only

Length: 2.9 inch (7.37 cm)
Width: 1.8 inch (4.57 cm)

Lord Kraken Keychain - Blue

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Manufacturer: XR Brands Creature Cocks
    Color: Blue
    Features: Phthalate Free
    Dimensions: Length: 2.9 inch
    Width: 1.8 inch

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