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Step into the realm of bold sensuality with the Euphoria Collection Thigh Harness With Chains, a piece that effortlessly embodies the fusion of daring style and luxurious comfort. This premium thigh harness, adorned with heavy duty metal chains, is a statement piece for those who revel in the art of seduction and power. Designed for those who dare to express their deepest desires, it's a perfect blend of contemporary design and functional allure. 

Crafted for adaptability, the harness features easily adjustable waist and thigh straps, equipped with secure buckle closures. These thoughtful details ensure a snug, comfortable fit for most standard sizes, allowing you to move freely and confidently. The cascading chains add not only a visual impact but also a tantalizing weight and texture, enhancing the sensory experience with every movement.

The inner material of this harness is as inviting as its exterior is bold. Lined with soft, plushy velvet, it offers a gentle caress against your skin, contrasting beautifully with the vegan leather exterior. This combination of materials speaks to a commitment to ethical luxury and sustainable style, all while ensuring maximum comfort during wear.

Meticulously constructed with double padding and double stitching, the Euphoria Collection Thigh Harness With Chains is built for durability and longevity. Adorned with nickel-free metal accents, it is inclusive for all skin types. This harness isn't just an accessory; it's a gateway to exploring your own power and sensuality, a tool for expression that fits seamlessly into your deepest desires.

Easy to adjust waist and thigh straps
Soft and plushy velvet interior with a vegan leather exterior
Nickel-free metal accents
Functional, durable, and contemporary design
Heavy duty metal chain
Sturdy, double padded and double stitched
Secure buckle closure

Adjusts up to:
Waist strap circumference: 43.25 inch (110 cm)
Butt strap length: 24 inch (61 cm)
Thigh straps circumference: 27.5 inch (70 cm)

Euphoria Collection Thigh Harness With Chains - Black

SKU: SE3102203
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Manufacturer: CalExotics
    Color: Black
    Dimensions: Diameter: 13.77 inch

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