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Welcome to a world where luxury meets daring expression with the Euphoria Collection Plus Size Multi Chain Halter. This premium halter-style harness,  specially designed for plus-size individuals, is a masterpiece that combines bold aesthetics with unparalleled comfort. It's an invitation to embrace your body with confidence and to adorn it with something as unique and beautiful as you are. 

Crafted for comfort and adjustability, the harness features secure buckle closures that provide a custom fit, hugging your form with precision and care. The heavy-duty metal chain detail adds not only a bold visual appeal but also a satisfying weight that reminds you of its quality and durability. It's the perfect blend of fashion and functionality, designed to be both a showpiece and a staple in your collection.

Beneath the glint of metal lies the embrace of luxury, as the interior of the harness is lined with plushy velvet, offering a contrast of textures that's as pleasing to the touch as it is to the eye. The vegan leather exterior stands as a testament to contemporary design that's both ethically conscious and chic. Sturdy, double-padded, and double-stitched, the harness promises resilience through your most passionate movements.

Finished with nickel-free metal accents, the Euphoria Collection Plus Size Multi Chain Halter is thoughtfully designed to be enjoyable for all skin types. Sized to embrace the plus-size form, it's a celebration of inclusivity and style a bold accessory for those who dare to express themselves fully and unapologetically.

Premium halter style harness
Soft and plushy velvet interior with a vegan leather exterior
Easy to adjust straps
Nickel free metal accents
Functional, durable and contemporary design
Heavy duty metal chain
Sturdy, double padded and double stitched
Secure buckle closure

Adjusts up to:
Neck strap length: 13 inch (33 cm)
Arm straps circumference: 30 inch (76.25 cm)
Waist strap circumference: 54.25 inch (137.75 cm)

Euphoria Collection Plus Size Multi Chain Halter - Black

SKU: SE3101263
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Manufacturer: CalExotics
    Color: Black
    Dimensions: Length: 13 inch
    Diameter: 17.28 inch

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