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Indulge in the art of control and surrender with the Euphoria Collection Chain Halter/Collar and Leash. This exquisite piece effortlessly bridges the gap between aesthetic elegance and exhilarating functionality. The premium multi- chain harness cascades over the form, creating a vision of desire that can transform with ease into a commanding collar and leash. It's a statement piece that speaks to the bold, the beautiful, and the daring. 

Adjustability is at the heart of this design, with secure buckle closures that ensure a snug fit, embodying the perfect balance of comfort and control. The heavy-duty metal chain is a testament to the durability and strength of this piece. This is not just a tool for play but a multifunctional design that pushes boundaries and defies expectations.

The interior of the material is a haven of comfort, lined with plushy velvet that caresses the skin, while the exterior boasts the sleekness of vegan leather, a conscious choice for the modern enthusiast. Universal clasps and O-rings offer versatility and ease of attachment, while the structuredouble padded and double stitchedpromises resilience through the most passionate of encounters.

Finished with nickel-free metal accents to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of all skin types, the Euphoria Collection Chain Halter/Collar and Leash is adaptable to most standard sizes. It's an invitation to explore the depths of your desires, a luxurious accessory for those who command or yield with equal fervor.

Easily transition from harness to collar and leash- remove the bottom chains and use belt to create handle
Soft and plushy velvet interior with a vegan leather exterior
Nickel free metal accents
Universal clasps and O-ring
Multi-functional, durable and contemporary design
Heavy duty metal chain
Sturdy, double padded and double stiched
Secure buckle closure

Adjusts up to:
Collar circumference: 17.75 inch (45 cm)
Hip strap circumference: 39.5 inch (100.25 cm)
Leash length: 19.25 inch (49 cm)

Euphoria Collection Chain Halter/collar and Leash - Black

SKU: SE3101003
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Manufacturer: CalExotics
    Color: Black
    Dimensions: Length: 19.25 inch
    Width: 39.5 inch

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