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Discover the allure of the Envy Handheld Thumping Massager, where sophistication meets titillating pleasure. This handheld treasure, wrapped in a soft, comfortable grip, ensures a secure hold for the most intimate escapades. Every inch is meticulously designed, featuring a rippled texture that caresses your skin, targeting 2 unique pleasure points with precision. It's an instrument not just for relaxation but for awakening a myriad of sensations.

Surrender to the rhythmic bliss of 3 powerful speeds of thumping pleasure. This massager doesn't just vibrate; it pulsates with a life of its own, providing a pleasurable experience that mimics the most attentive lover. Accompanying these thumping rhythms are 7 functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation, each setting a path to a new plateau of enjoyment. Dual motors operate in sweet harmony, offering an array of sensations independently controlled to cater to your every desire.

Crafted from the highest quality of body-safe Silicone, this waterproof device has an IPX7 rating, inviting you to delve into new realms of pleasure in and out of the water. The advanced memory chip is your discreet assistant, picking up exactly where you left off in your last session, ensuring a seamless journey of pleasure. And with its security travel lock feature, your private delights remain just thatprivate.

Charging is effortless with the included USB cable, reaching full power in just two hours. Once charged, the Envy Handheld Thumping Massager offers an enduring 60 minutes of high-intensity performance or 100 minutes of prolonged, low-speed satisfaction. It's not just a massager; it's the key to unlocking the doors to your deepest desires.

3 independently controlled powerful speeds of thumping pleasure
7 independently controlled functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation
Soft, comfortable grip for secure hold
2 unique pleasure points
Premium silicone
Rippled texture for enhanced stimulation
State-of-the-art memory chip resumes on last function used
Security travel lock feature hold for 3 seconds to turn on or off
USB rechargeable charging cord included
Speeds and functions can be used simultaneously
Easy push button control- hold 3 seconds to turn on or off

4.25 inch x 2 inch (10.75 cm x 5 cm)

Envy Handheld Thumping Massager - Pink

SKU: SE0012103
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